Leader: President Omar al-Bashir
Government: Republic

Population: 39.6 million (1.9 million Christians)
Main Religion: Islam

Persecution Level: Extreme
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism/Dictatorial paranoia


Islam is very well rooted in the Sudanese society. The overwhelming majority of the population in Sudan is Sunni Muslim, and Sharia law is the foundation of Sudan’s legal system. The incumbent regime is authoritarian and strives to control all aspects of life of its citizens. Blasphemy laws are used country-wide to persecute and prosecute Christians. Apostasy is criminalized, punishable by the death penalty, and it is very harsh especially on non-Arabs. In this regard, the case of Miriam Ibrahim – a Christian woman who was sentenced to death but later freed after massive international pressure – is a microcosm of the lives of Christians in the country.

Source: Open Doors