Our Mission

Founded: 2005

International Christian Union promotes Christian solidarity to advance the causes of democracy, human rights, and religious freedom.
International Christian Union A Non-Profit section 501(c)(3). Christian Organization. Dedicated to the welfare of Christians all over the world.

Mission: Chapter 2 – Mission Statement & Objectives:

1) To Promote and develop a unified voice for all Christians, especially those in the Middle East. The ICU will also protect the rights of other persecuted minorities.We will work to promote their cause and give them a voice on the world stage. The ICU is the voice of all Christians who are oppressed and cannot express their views, defend themselves, their interests, or practice their faith feely.

2) Establish close relations among constituents in countries where the ICU operates.

3) Build, create and develop educational, cultural, economic, ecological, social and political platforms and programs for all Christian communities under the ICU umbrella.

4) Help respective groups to promote, in their geographic areas, the spirit of acceptance, tolerance and democracy. Additionally, the ICU will nurture aspirations for peace and foster faith and charity. For this effort the cultivation of understanding and building mutual support processes between all the Christian communities is needed to create a sound and safe environment for those threatened groups.

5) Work to provide and grant as many possible facilities and services to persecuted Christian and other minorities in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. This work is to be accomplished by utilizing all of the ICU’s available capabilities and resources.

6) Other organizations that wish to incorporate or join with the ICU are welcomed. However, they must abide by the ICU bylaws and must be approved by the Supreme World Trust Board. Groups wishing to join the ICU may continue to operate independently or fully incorporate themselves into the ICU.

7.) Chapters of the ICU shall be financially independent, yet can still get funds from the national and international ICU’s largess.

Branches of the ICU shall be financially independent from the main Union; sharing in the national and international activities as deemed by Supreme World Trust Board and World Council. All chapters must pay dues to their national board, which in turn pays its dues to the World Council.

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