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Honoring Unforgotten heroes ( October 2017)


Honoring Unforgotten heroes ( October 2015)

Attendees Honoering America Attendees bill Boch. capt. ben and me Court house and attendess Fr. aziz Fr. aziz.jpg1 gen 1 gen Honor Guard Honor Guard.jpg1 Honor Guard.jpg2 Joe baakeline and me and the reath joe Baakeline John o and under Sheriff shortway John rahme and elies Nehme and Tony Nehme joseph and capt. Ben R. CASCIO USMC RET. LCPL BILL BURLEY LCPL BILL BURLEY.jpg1 LCPL BILL BURLEY.jpg2 LCPL BILL BURLEY.jpg3 LCPL BILL BURLEY.jpg4 LCPL BILL BURLEY.jpg5 lCPL BILL BURLEY.jpg6 and joe baak. Me and joe B with Reath me sue joe puder bill garrett mcn. Mike ryan Fr Aziz garrett Mcn. Ben Cas. Bill Momorial Bill Boch.John O. Pipes Momorial Bill Boch.John O. Pipes.jpg1 Mora di and harry and Capt. Ben Cascio National Anthem october 23 2015.1 october 23 2015.2 october 23 2015.3 october 23 2015.4 october 23 2015.6 october 23 2015.7 speakers